Allows us to make a grant support, and on the base of common interests  combine beginners‘ stays in professional foreign teams.

Thanks to the EXCITE partner network, we have a possibility to create the ideal conditions for your own business by getting new experiences and progressive development of our own business, on a European standard. The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, we connect start-up entrepreneurs with professional foreign teams, based on the common interests. We are also able to support them financially.

Creative ones who are in the business less than 3 years with a sophisticated detailed business plan have the opportunity to gain new experience, inspiration, or to build new partnerships in foreign experienced companies across the European Union for several months. At the same time, we bring a fresh wind to the projects already existing. Companies  operating in creative business for more than 3 years have the opportunity to host start-up foreign entrepreneurs.

The partner network consists of Creative Industry Košice, as well as other EU organizations such as: European Creative Business Network - Netherlands, Ale kommun - Sweden, Kulturni Kod - Serbia, Stadt Gelsenkirchen - Germany, Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria - Austria; Poligon - Slovenia, C2MASI - Spain.

The EXCITE project is co-funded by the EU under the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program. Official project site:


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