Get on the Escalator and it will take you to the upper limit of your ability. You can become a successful professional by observing simple conditions: it is enough to want and not to close yourself to new possibilities.

Escalator is an effective and intensive programme of education and development of creativity, talent and professionalization for people working in the creative industries, tourism and IT sector. Specifically, this programme is designed for artistic individuals, professionals, groups and also cultural organizations and companies in creative fields, tuorism .

Participants in the Escalator programme begin to develop themselves and recognize their needs through deep and thorough interviews with foreign mentors. On that basis they identify key needs and objectives of the project or organization, create “tailor-made” training and support through workshops, seminars, coaching, mentoring, business and strategic planning, research and development, study tours and pilot implementation. 

The programme is now in its sixth year with the main aim of helping professionals achieve success by their own efforts and become successful innovators and entrepreneurs, inspiring and influencing change in their cities and surroundings.

The first two years included only people and groups from Košice but since 2015, we have expanded the scope of the project to cover the whole of Slovakia. From 2018, we have enriched the program with other sectors that are close to culture - tourism and IT. When selecting the most appropriate members, originality, creativity, ambition and commitment are taken into account. The projects submitted include plenty of activities in the management of cultural centres, performance and visual art, urbanism, design, distribution, marketing, tourism. They are represented by managers, dancers, directors, producers, curators, and also project managers, artists or designers. 

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Escalator academy study week is realized with
the financial support of Visit Košice and the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.

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